About Sreerang

SreeRang Biotech Private Limited is a blossoming company committed to enhance health, Immunity and wellness in the world. Promoted by individuals with progressive outlook, to propagate wellness of public at large, the company is engaged in development of a wide range of products for wellness augmentation.

Proper Digestion is of primary importance in developing good health. Good and regular digestion also enhances the Immunity. Products which are rich in Antioxidants are useful in radical scavenging, Anti -Inflammatory effect and Immune modulation. Keeping this in mind, Sreerang Biotech launched the following products, which augment Digestion, Immunity and wellness.

Our Products

FMCG Products

We Supply Healthy and Protein Rich Groundnuts, Peanuts, Urad Dal, Toor Dal, Moong Dal, Bombay Rava, Idli Rava etc.. All Our Products are hygienically packed and improve energy levels. They are good for digestion and are enriched with Dietary Fibre and Protein. They will make a spread of everyday meals fulloff delicious flavour and nutritious protein.

Healthcare Products

Srifla is a Herbal powder consisting of various fruits like Cardamom, Amla, Beheda and Harad. It improves digestion and relieves Constipation, excess gas and hyperacidity. Srifla is a natural source of Vitamin C, D, Beta carotene, iron, zinc and Selenium. Thus, it helps in strengthening the immune system. Research studies show that regular use of Srifla has many benefits like improving skin glow and reduces blood cholesterol. It also helps in weight loss. The component fruits of Srifla have been in usage in Indian medicine for thousands of years in formulas like “Triphala” and “Chyavanprash” for various benefits. Srifla comes in 10gms sachets and one full sachet powder has to be taken at night with water.